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About Max BioMed Corp

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Max BioMed Corp is a California Corporation.

We focus on your health and wellness. We produce the highest quality non-prescription vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Our company was founded by experienced MD physicians and biochemists from top universities.

We have put our training, education and experience to work for you. We share our knowledge to help promote good health and longevity.

Our goal is to focus on a lifetime of good health brought about by a healthy life style, exercise and a balanced diet.

Sometimes in our fast-paced world, we are not always able to get the perfect balanced diet, and sometimes certain other conditions prevent proper nutrition. Some groups are at higher risk than others for certain deficiencies. Max BioMed will be there for you.

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Our Motto

Next Generation of Supplements

Our Mission

To discover, develop, and deliver the highest quality, science-driven nutritional supplements to help all people in the world live healthy lives.